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KASKIKOT : A beautiful village in the lap of Annapurna

Kaskikot VDC is a hilly village just 10 KM North West from Pokhara. Beautiful lake Fewa lies in  the basement of this village. The neighboring VDC attached with Kaskikot are Sarangkot, Chapakot, Hemja, Dhital and Dhikurpokhari. Kaskikot is a historical  site where Shah Dynasty in Nepal was raised by King Kulamandan Shah in 16th Century. Kaski Kingdom was one of the powerful state during 22/24 Municipal Kingdom era.

Popular Stop in Kaskikot 
  1. Kaskikot Palace (Now Temple of Goddess Kali)
  2. Maula ( The entrance and ceremonial spot)
  3. Deurali (Beautiful Touristic Destination)
  4. Paharepani (Meditation spot of Kasyap Rishi )
  5. Mandredhunga  (High School Location)
  6. Thuli Pokhara (A beautiful water Pond larger in size where Village office and some important office are located)
  7. Gunte Chour (Geographical Center of the village, also center for Agricultural collection and Production like Milk and Vegetables) 
  8. Pame (The former trade center just start of Fewa Lake)
  9. Chilim Danda (Magar Village) etc...

Before the unification of Nepal there were 24 small principalities in west Nepal. Kaski was one of them. The ruins of old palace of the rulers of Kaski can still be seen in Kaskikot. Kulmandan Shah was one of the rulers who established his Kingdom in west Nepal. His descendant Drabya Shah was first to establish Gorkha, source of the legendary Gorkha warriors.

Phewa Lake is the most famous lake just below Kaskikot. It covers an area of 4.4 sq. km. It's average depth is 8.6 meters and its maximum depth is 19 meters. A stream called Harpan Khola enters the Lake from the western end. There is a forested hill on the southern side of the Lake, which includes recently constructed Peace Stupa. The temple of goddess Barahi is situated in the middle of the lake. Large number of hotels and restaurants are located along its northeastern shore. Boating and fishing are major attractions of Phewa Lake. There are 22 native species of fish in the lake. One of the delicacies served in several restaurants in the town of Pokhara is the local fish from the lake.Mountain views Clearly the most stunning of Kaskikot's sights is the spectacular panorama of the Annapurna range which forms its backdrop. Stretching from east to west, the Annapurna massif includes Annapurna I to IV and Annapurna south. Although the highest among then is Annapurna I (8091m), it is Machhapuchhre which dominates all others in this neighborhood. Boastfully leviant in the skyline, the fish tailed pinnacle is the archtypical snow capped. Needle pointed mountain.

The view of the Annapurna Himalaya from Kaskikot is almost a religious experience. From here, you can see a panoramic sweep of Himalayan peaks.
The main village is just below the ridge, but a set of concrete steps leads uphill to a dramatic viewpoint in the ruins of an ancient kot (hill1788m).

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